Franchise Details

Franchise Package

Franchise Package. Cost $333 ( Rs. 22,222/- )
-Package Included -
i) One Franchise E-pin for franchise Registration ( Cost Rs22,222/- )
ii) Twenty Five Member E-pin for New Member Join , Need to use within 30 dyas.
# 26 Member Joining Kit, Each included #
a) Self Learning computer course Software
b) Access of 1300+ Certificate Courses
c) Cambridge English Prounouncing Dictionary
d) Accidental Insurance Policy worth Rs.1,00,000/- ( Only for Member of India , One policy only for one member) to Each Members
Franchise Commision. You will get Rs40/- ( $0.6 ) From each epin you buy in future.

Our Franchise Details

Himachal Pradesh

Dinesh Sharma/Sudarshan Sharma

Uttar Pradesh

Hemant Kumar